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45 Questions to Head Servant Gurbachan Singh

Reason behind asking these questions is to provide tool to the Sangat, to make these so called Jathedars Answerable. Wherever Gurbachan Singh and his counterparts go, ask these questions.

The day when Sikhs start showing guts to ask questions, mark that day as rising star day for Sikhs.

Note: Translation done by S. Sarabjot Singh Dilli, and reviewed by Prof. Avtar Singh Virdi.


  1. In 2003 an order was reissued from Sri Akal Takht sahib that No Granth, Book or Idol could be placed or installed in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Today it is seen that Various Nihang Factions, Damdami Taksal and Takhts (Sikh Temporal Seats) outside Punjab place Dasam Granth beside Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Isn’t it a violation of sacred orders issued from Sri Akal Takht?
  2. Why was the symbol of Sovereignty and Freedom of Sikhism, The Nanakshahi Calendar, issued in 2003 again converted to Bikrami Calender? Wasn’t it better If all the Gurpurabs and Religious Programs celebrated without any confusion on the fixed dates each Year?
  3. What are your achievements in field of Gurmat Parchar based on Gurmat Principles?
  4. Please let us know if there is even a single Gurdwara (Sikh temple) under the management of SGPC which follows 100% Sikh Code of Conduct (Sikh Rehat Maryada).
  5. Under which rule do you entertain and allow clergies of Takhts who break Codes of Conduct of Sikhism openly (such as Sri Hazur Sahib & Sri Patna Sahib) to participate and sign the important Decisions of Sikh Panth.
  6. What action has been taken against Giani Iqbal Singh, The Chief Clergy of Patna Sahib, who has been openly blamed by his wife of being characterless? Giani Iqbal Singh also claims that Guru Gobind Singh Ji is going to take reincarnation in 2016. What action have you taken in this regard?
  7. Under which Rules chief of the Neeldhari Sect, Satnam Singh Pipli Wala, has been conferred upon with the Tiles like “Sant Baba” & “Raja Jogi”? Have Neeldharis stopped following their chief Kille Wala? Have they stopped wearing Blue Cloth around their Waist?
  8. How valid was the destruction of Tharha Sahib, a 500 years old Historical Gurdwara, by the chief of Sant Samaj whose name itself is non-theoretical and against Gurmat?
  9. You have said that Dasam Granth is a part of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and has the same subject as that of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. On which bases have you said that Guru Granth Sahib makes a “Saint” and Dasam Granth makes a “Warrior”?
  10. In Sikhism, men and women are considered equal. On what bases in a statement, have you said that Female cannot do Akhand Path?
  11. Why have Directives against Sauda-Sect Chief not been implemented till date? The Chief of Shiromani Akali Dal, Parkash Singh Badal, is known to be hand in glove with Sauda-Sect Chief for his political benefits? What action have you taken against him?
  12. What about your ongoing relations with Daljeet Singh Chicago who has allegations of misconduct of forceful-occupation of Gurudwara using wrongful means, and he has also been convicted by the court? What do you have to say regarding the same?
  13. What about sharing stages with Mann Singh Pehova who has been charged in cases of several rapes and blinding a doctor? You have accepted Gold Emblems from him, and doesn’t that show that you have pretty good coalition/relations with him?
  14. How appropriate is illegal and non-principle Excommunication of Professor Darshan Singh Khalsa from Panth without any solid evidence against him?
  15. You had put great pressure to stop Gurmat Samagam at Kanpur by Professor Darshan Singh Khalsa on 16 – 17th January 2013. You went to an extent of telling the Police to beat those Sikhs with Shoes organizing the program. Does this attitude suits you? Why it is so that only the orders against Professor Darshan Singh Khalsa are of so Importance to you and what about all the other orders issued by Akal Takht? Why is equal importance not given to all other orders of Akal Takht as is in case of Professor Darshan Singh Khalsa?
  16. Recitation of Verses other than that of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Bhai Gurdas Ji and Bhai Nand Lal Singh Ji at Darbar Sahib Amritsar is a clear violation of Model Sikh Code of Conduct (Sikh Rehat Maryada), What action have you taken in this regard?
  17. What action have you taken in case of a Gurudwara being constructed at Mastuana, as an imitation of Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar?
  18. Punjabi Movie “Sada Haq” was already cleared by Indian Censor Board but was banned by SGPC and Punjab Govt. Why did you let it happen?
  19. In case of movie “Sada Haq” where Parkash Singh Badal stopped the screening of movie in Punjab and said that SGPC members have not watched the movie, whereas recording of Avtar Singh Makkar shows that members had watched the movie and then he lied, What action have you taken in this case?
  20. Damdami Taksal has made changes in Gurbani as they have removed “II” from the heading of Bani Jap, What action have you taken against that?
  21. Book named “Sikh Itihas” printed by SGPC in Hindi, brings disgrace to Guru Sahiban as derogatory terminology and words of condemnation have been used for Guru Sahiban in the book; What action have you taken against SGPC?
  22. For which contribution, sacrifice or achievement, Parkash Singh Badal, the chief of Shiromani Akali Dal has been honored with the title of Fakhar-e-Kaum by you?
  23. In the matter of SGPC President, Avtar Singh Makkar, being awarded Akali Phoola Singh Award: (Akali Phoola Singh convicted Maharaja Ranjeet Singh by tying him with Acacia Tree and Whipping for watching Dance of Moraan, wherer as Parkash Singh Badal was awarded Fakhar-e-Kaum by Makkar for watching Dance of Katrina Kaif); What is your stand regarding this matter and what action have you taken in this regard?
  24. What was the compulsion behind releasing a statement calling Mahant Dharam Singh who is responsible of speaking foul about Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, who also justifies Consumption of Alcohol, and then withdrawing the call?
  25. Vehicle of Avtar Singh Makkar Consumes a lot of Petrol, according to last year’s report it consumed Petrol worth more than 3 Crores; What do you have to say regarding this?
  26. S. Gurbachan Singh Ji at the time of Shahidi of Bhai Jaspal Singh; you declared that guilty would be brought to the justice. More than one year has elapsed since then and not even a single arrest has made till date. The family of Martyr is wandering from door to door; why didn’t you help forward to them at this moment of crisis?
  27. On 16th April 2012, you said whether you stay or not, but anyone doing wrong deeds against Gurmat Principles shall not be spared whatever Party or faction one may belong to. Now what have you done regarding Chief of Shiromani Akali Dal and Fakhar-e-Kaum Parkash Singh Badal performing Havan while wearing Mukut, performing Hanuman Pooja in April 2013, Harsimrat Badal worshiping Shiv-Ling in open Public Programs and Sukhbeer Badal bowing Head at Muslim Shrine?
  28. In October Sikh Youth of America approached Akal Takht regarding the illegal captivation and false Implication of Bhai Daljeet Singh Bittu and Bhai Kulbir Singh Bada Pind, they were promised that a meeting of Head Clergies would be called and Government would be asked questions regarding the same, let us know why no meeting regarding the same has been called till date?
  29. An appeal was made in Oct 2012 regarding Non-Sikh people taking part in San Jose Gurudwara, you promised hearing within one month, Why has no action been taken till date?
  30. What about sacrifice of goats, then putting blood marks first on Weapons and on Sri Guru Granth Sahib and distribution of Cannabis (Bhaang) in name of Sukh Nidhan Parshad at Hazoor Sahib? Is this right according to Gurmat?
  31. According to Panthak Rituals, If someone is summoned before Akal Takht, he or she is supposed to appear before Sangat in the Presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. What is the reason that you have left the Guru’s Presence and Congregation of Sangat and have started calling people behind closed doors to take decision in their matters? What is the secret or logic behind that?
  32. On 15th April 2013, why did you refuse to meet the team that produced the Movie showing atrocities done on Sikhs “Sada Haq”?
  33.  An Office Bearer of DSGMC who also is a Senior leader of Shiromani Akali Dal, Onkar Singh Thapar, said in 2010 that in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, “Ram” is written 2533 times and that is same as Sri Ram Chander, What action did you take against him?
  34. To prove & promote Kiratpur Sahib, a place of dispersal of human bones on the tunes of Haridwar. Is it acceptable according to Gurmat?
  35. Namdhari Leader Jagjit Singh was called as Satguru on occasion of his Death by Parkash Singh Badal and other Akali Leaders. Isn’t it against Sikhi Principles?
  36. What action have you taken against Akali leader Virsa Singh Valtoha for lighting inaugural lamp at a function organized by Enemy of Sikhi, Ashutosh, which was clear violation of The Directives of Akal Takht.
  37. You participate in programs in memory of Sri Chand the Rebellion Son of Guru Nanak Sahib? You support and accompany people who are making all efforts to prove him Guru? Who has given the right to you to promote ideology which was condemned by Guru Himself?
  38. Does Ragi Harjinder Singh have complete knowledge about Ragas? Doesn’t he perform Kirtan on Filmi Tunes? Was there no other Ragi more suitable for this award? Under which circumstances, using which Yard Stick and Criteria was he declared Shiromani Ragi?
  39. One March under the name of “Rinn Utar Yatra” was taken out from 22nd to  24th November 2012 by three Brahmin Sabhas under the Patronage of Shiromani Akali Dal & Bhartia Janta Party from Durga Mandir Maeesar Khana to Gurdwara Sis Ganj Delhi, Doesn’t It underrate the Esteem Martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji?
  40. Taking the Sikhs to Kumbh by Avtar Singh Makkar Last Year 2012, encouraging bathing in Kumbh and organizing langar; Was it right according to Gurmat?
  41. In March 2013 during Bhog of Sewa Singh Tarmala, you said that Society “Prabh Milne ka Chao” is dedicated to Akal Takht and is working in accordance to Sikh Code of Conduct. How could The Practices and the style of doing Simran at the Society be justified according to Gurmat in which sometimes Turbans from the Heads fall away in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib?
  42. Order No 1 by five Chief Clergies to SGPC, dated 29th March 2013: Immediately form a Committee of experts having Gurmat thoughts who could formulate service rules and regulations for Jathedars & Granthis of Takhts such as their qualification for appointment, their work area, working pattern, rights and responsibilities, and terms of termination of service etc. Along with that a code of conduct should be formed for solutions of day to day religious challenges and regarding issuance of Directives from Akal Takht so that in future the authority of Akal Takht could not be used by any individual for their personal profits and sanctity of Directives issued from time to time by Akal Takht could be maintained within Khalsa Panth. Do you still remember these directions?  You should remember as you were also present, rather you were one of the Signatories. What Steps have you taken regarding this issue?
  43. For which achievement, contribution, bravery for religion or country was Sarabjeet Singh  declared shaheed by Punjab Government? You were also present on the occasion of his last rights. What did you do regarding this?
  44. In Darbar Sahib Complex, one More Gurdwara was made in Place of Shahidi Smarak and was named afer Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinranwala, Names of Shaheeds were written on two Steel planks, Badal government has put full force to uproot those two Steel Planks. What have you done regarding this?
  45. Under which circumstances and on which conditions was the fast of Nirpreet Kaur broken, who was fasting against the acquittal of Sajan Kumar, the main culprit behind the Sikh genocide of 1984?

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