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Jagruti, Jagrukta! For what?

There are multifold controversies, about gurbani, guru and God (Akal Purakh).

Gurdwaras, deras, akhoti sadhs, granths, gurmat and golaks, almost every one wants money in the name of gurbani by any means. Mission Guru Nanak is turned Machine for money making. Sikhism is hijacked by dera saadhs, akhoti saadhs and hidden mafia within. Anti Sikh elements are enjoying the momentum with success in their scheme, sponsored by our own golak money. The future of Sikhism appears really dark in Punjab, where there is a flood of non Sikhs and non Punjabis. Remember no body can snatch your luck; however we are all at the mercy of Akal Purakh. If we generate confidence (Visah & Bharosa) within, Akal Purakh will always be with us, that is the clear message of gurbani. Majority of our preachers have failed in conveying true message of gurbani, or perhaps they are not loyal and honest to gurbani, guru and God (Akal Purakh).

There is need for being JAGRUK of Gurbani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. In fact Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the most valuable gift to the Sikhs by our Guru, since Gurbani is the only ideal way to remember Akal Purakh constantly and continuously. Just engross, enshrine contemplate and absorb in its adoration and the life will automatically tune up to beautiful. The Guru teaches us very beautifully how to attach to Akal Purakh, how to keep that attachment intact and how to detach from the world we are put in. His memory in the heart and mind stands like the iron fence against ill Ė intentions, truly gurbani has profound power within. Some people are afraid of reading guru granth, for fear of dis respect, but actually there is nothing like that. Donít ask or listen to preacher, they are not the final authority or fully knowledgeable. The highest regard or respect to our granth, guru and gurbani is to read it again and again, try to understand and contemplate. Contemplating Him requires the heart totally devoted to Naam through Gurbani only. Contaminated mind regardless what it does, remains in question because of its impurity created by low morality and faulted ethics.

While reading Sri Guru Granth get help of Darpan by Prof. Sahib Singh and Mahan Kosh by Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha. In todays technology all this is available on line, and you can download in your personal computer or laptop. You donít require much of the space in your hard drive or even in your house. You will find all of these at and itís free and easy to down load. Do this in PDF formats so it will be easy to surf. Once you are done, just get going, no need of Prakash or Sukhasan, No Palki, Rumala, chour or chandoa! Reading is the most important and easy. Even audio version of Guru Granth is also available on line, and you can down load free and itís easy to read page by page. Find @: http: //  

Sikhs out side Punjab or in Diaspora are not within the jurisdictions of SGPC, as all representatives are from Punjab only. Just get engrossed in Gurbani, contemplate and absorb and you will be fully awake.

Mohan Singh
Woodbridge, Ontario

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